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This package consists of 6 one on one coaching sessions and 2 Breathwork sessions.

This is the perfect experience for those who are ready to move beyond free content and self help books, and want a personalized shift.  If you feel stuck in life or have faced obstacles and want to alchemize the energy from those experiences to fuel your soul's purpose, this is it!

Build a deeper consistency and clarity around stepping into your most empowered expression.

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These breathwork practices promote awareness, balance, and overall well-being. Designed to harmonize the 7 chakra energy centers. Choose to follow a daily breathwork practice or focus on a specific energy center. Each practice includes explanations of energy centers, sensations, affirmations, and journal prompts. Release what no longer serves you and approach each center with curiosity and non judgment. Journal prompts encourage deeper understanding.

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1.5 hour Energy Reading and Breathwork Session, Jessica Marie meditates on your energy prior to the session, then she shares a full description of your energy including where you are flowing and where your energy may be keeping you from alignment.

Together you will create an intention based on her reading and the intentions that you bring to the session to guide a breathwork experience that will help you connect to your body to release and align your energy.

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Everyone has a unique purpose and Jessica Marie helps you feel soul safe to remember yours. By liberating yourself from limiting beliefs and stuck emotions, you can finally feel safe in your body to express your unique gifts and live with more freedom and alignment.

A combination of one on one coaching, customized breathwork sessions, or intuitive energy readings and healings,  with Jessica can help you find more joy and clarity.  

This is your opportunity  to experience a new way to transition into the life your soul is craving.

Whether you want to move from pain to purpose, balance stress, or you are ready to express your gifts and talents in a new way, we can create a customized experience to help your soul soar. 

If you have a special request that is not listed on my page, please connect with me! I love creative collaboration.

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