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The High Performer's Realignment 


You have so many gifts to share, and it's time to become intentional about your energy.
Download this free workbook to help you build awareness around your energy and make adjustments to meet your unique needs. After using this workbook, you will become balanced, clear, and confident around the direction you are headed.  
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You were born to share your unique talents and gifts with the world! In this coaching package, you will access a highly customized experience with Jessica Marie, who is an intuitive life coach and trauma informed breathwork guide.

Gain clarity and shift perspective so you can become empowered to move forward in life with more balance, joy, and purpose. 

This package is great for leaders and high performers who crave stress management, new perspectives, and to maximize their potential.

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Find out what's keeping you from moving forward in life.  In this unique session, Jessica connects to your energy prior to the session, then shares a full description of where you are flowing and what's keeping you stuck.

You have the option to customized breathwork sessions based on the energy reading, or continue with a more in depth reading into your Akashic Records. 

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"I loved my breathing sessions with Jessica. It has helped me feel the feelings I had been resisting for a while. I love the way she talks with me throughout the breathing session. I feel seen and supported while I go through my emotional journey. The best part of the experience is the reflection space after breathing where she coaches me through with what came up for me. Her sessions have opened me up to emotions and feelings I have neglected for a long time and now I get the opportunity to heal the parts of me I have neglected."


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"Jessica compassionately connected with me. She related to me on professional and personal issues, diving into what the real issues were underneath what they seemed to be. She helped me see into my life from my heart space and discover my truths. She encouraged me to follow what felt most expansive to me rather than what society would expect of me. She challenged me to make my decisions based on my truth, my clear and real set of beliefs about myself, and to manifest my desires from this place of authenticity. Jessica helped me shape my life from a place of pain to a life I deeply love."


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Are you a leader or high performer who wants to learn how to manage stress while fully sharing your unique talents and gifts? 

You CAN live in your fullest expression without compromising your mental and physical health by getting out of your mind and into your body. You can become more intentional on your path moving forward. 

Do you feel stuck, unbalanced, or lack clarity on your path and purpose?

This journey offers you the safety to explore your dreams and unapologetically connect to your highest self expression.

Have you achieved all of the things you thought would bring you happiness but still feel unfulfilled and unaligned in your relationships or career?  

Everyone holds a unique energy and frequency. As an Intuitive Coach, Jessica will help you build self awareness and release what's keeping you from living in alignment with your path and purpose. 

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Does not follow the principles of any single religious doctrine.  
Cannot replace licensed therapy.